Drunk Duck Awards 2018
Ballot will be open from July 1st, 2018 until July 28th, 2018.

~One ballot per person. (Must have a valid Drunk Duck Account)
~No voting for yourself. (That means comics you work on)
~Drunk Duck hosted (or mirrored) comics only.
~Comics must be actively updating (last update June or later) or completed within the last year.
~You may enter a comic in more than one category (however, don't enter it for all categories.)
~You don't have to fill out every category.
~ After you are done please swing by the Networking and Community Projects forum on Drunk Duck to find out about volunteering for the Awards.
~ Email niccea (at) gmail (dot) com any questions/comments/concerns.

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Genre Awards
Best Adventure Comic
Quests, missions, explorations, and/or other dangerous or exciting ventures.
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Best Adult-Oriented Comic
A-rated comics. XXX No one under 18 admitted! Live nudes! Or excessive violence. Or both! These comics must be rated A.
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Best All Ages Comic
Child-friendly comics that the whole family can enjoy. These comics must be rated E.
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Best Anthropomorphic Comic
They act like people and think like people, but they look like foxes or dolphins or toasters.
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Best Community Project
Comics and projects that bring together a variety of DD members for massive synergy! (DD Awards are not eligible, for giving ourselves an award would create a paradox vortex from which there is no escape.)
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Best Drama
A story focused on a real world setting and is character-driven with a focus on emotions. Courtroom dramas, medical dramas, crime dramas, romantic dramas, high school dramas (but when is high school not dramatic?), etc.
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Best Fantasy Comic
Magical, mythical, mystical, marvelous. Comics set in fantastical settings, involving magic or mythical creatures, abilities, or beings.
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Best Horror Comic
The dark, scary, and twisted. Monsters, psychological thrillers, and ax-wielding psychos all have their place among these wonderfully horrific comics.
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Best Humor Comic
Gags, jokes, lols, roflmaos, and such. Format and subject matter aren't important. It just has to make you laugh.
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Best Mystery/Crime/Noir
Crime drama, police, mobsters, mysteries, hard-boiled detectives, and/or meddling kids.
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Best Parody/Tribute
Comics that use the characters, worlds, or creations of other creators. It's not copyright infringement! It's an homage!
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Best Philosophical/Political Comic
Make-you-think comics that address deep topics from the spiritual and philosophical to the cultural or political.
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Best Sci-fi Comic
A form of speculative fiction so named because the fantastical elements are rooted in or explained by actual or fictional scientific theory.
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Best Superhero Comic
Too super for other categories.
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Style Awards
Best Action Within a Comic
Chase scenes, fights, big explosions; CRASH POW ZOOM – you know the stuff
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Best Manga Style Comic
Comics inspired by the artistic style and conventions of Japanese cartooning.
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Most Deliciously Offensive
These f&%#@ comics might p^@(# you the f*^^@* off.
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Technical Awards
Best Background Art
The background, setting, environment, and surroundings. Including architecture, scenery, furniture, vehicles, etc.
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Best Character Design
The artistic design of the characters. This includes anatomy, facial expressions, and clothing (but not speech, mannerisms, or personality/actions).
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Best Comic Layouts
The components of visual storytelling that harmonize the artwork into a page and direct flow and pacing. Includes panel shape and position, placement of speech balloons, lettering, and general readability.
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Best Dialogue
It's all about what they say and how they say it.
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Best Plot Development
The overall story composition and pacing, and the use of storytelling elements.
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Best Use of Non-Traditional Medium
Comics that use 3D rendering, Photography, Sprites, or Maccoroni Art
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Best Use of Traditional Medium
Comics that use traditional artistic mediums or the computer to simulate them.
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Most Improved Art
The comic that shows the most artistic improvement between July 2016 and now.
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Character Awards
Please include the name of the character as well as the comic
Best Protagonist
Contrary to popular belief, the protagonist is the main character of the story whether they are good or evil.
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Best Antagonist
Opposes the protagonist. Doesn't necessarily have to be evil incarnate, it could be Superman in a comic about Lex Luthor for example.
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Best Supporting Charcter
A noteworthy secondary character; can be good, bad, or other.
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User Awards
You may also leave a comment about why this person deserves this award to be used in the awards presentation.
Outstanding Achievement Within the Community
The user that will win this award is always there to participate in the community no matter what. These people show their support for the site within the forums and by participating in community projects.
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Most Dedicated Creator
That creator who seems to be a page-making machine, every day on time – or maybe the one who has been at it forever and has a thousand pages of the most amazing quality – or the one who is updating five different regular comics on a schedule. Whatever they are doing, they sure are DEDICATED.
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Most Supportive Reader
Maybe they leave the most comments or the most insightful ones, or they draw wonderful fanart, or they are always available to discuss your script ideas or send you cards when you're on hiatus.
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Best Newcomer Award
Awarded to a newcomer (joined June 2017 or later) who has come to the site who has really stood out. They could be creators or dedicated readers
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Best Completed Comic
Comics that were concluded sometime between July 2017 and now. (Indefinite hiatus doesn't count.)
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Best Overall Comic Strip
Best webcomic with stand-alone updates or short, unrelated story arcs, usually in a horizontal or vertical strip format.
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Best Overall Story Comic
Best webcomic that tells a continuous story, usually in full page format.
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Create Your Own Award
Didn't see the proper award for the comic/person you were thinking of on this
list? Make one up. Create your own award and give it a winner. Best
awards will be chosen by a dedicated team of judges.
And the award goes to...
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