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Hey there, it's Jon Cook, founder of Keynote Content and host of the Copy & Content podcast. (Just call me Jon.:)

Thanks for saying "Yes!" to being one of my upcoming guests on Copy & Content ( In case you're not quite familiar with Copy & Content yet, here's what it's about:

"Spoiler alert: there's an 'ish'-load of information about how to build thought leadership. How do you know what actually works? The Copy & Content podcast features short episodes obsessed with helping thought leaders better serve their audiences. Keynote Content founder and Copy & Content host Jon Cook shares insight and interviews with leading voices in the areas of speaking, copywriting, content creation, branding, and marketing. Learn you-proof tactics and processes that actually work. Copy & Content isn't for everyone; it's only for thought leaders who give an 'ish' about their audience."

So, there are a couple details we need to cover. This five-minute form is designed to help our team get what we need to make your upcoming episode a raving success. Please answer all the questions below as they may apply to you and your message.

If you run into any trouble or have a few questions, please reach out to my rockstar assistant Abby Wade (

Talk soon!

- Jon

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