Toledo Chinese School Spring 2021 Semester Registration (01/16/2021~5/15/2021)
The Toledo Chinese School will offer a comprehensive range of Chinese language courses and Enrichment courses using online teaching format in Spring 2021 semester, please use this form for registration.
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Student Grade Level *
Please input the current student grade level at K-12 Schools.
Chinese Language Course Level in Fall 2020 at Toledo Chinese School *
Please choose the Chinese Language Course level in Fall 2020 semester at Toledo Chinese School, choose N/A if the student hasn't taken any Chinese Language course at Toledo Chinese School in Fall 2020 semester.
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Chinese Language Course
Please choose the Chinese Course your child wants to take in Spring 2021 semester. Tuition: $170 first child, $160 second child, $150 third child and on from the same family. 10% discount for Chinese Language Course tuition for returning students who complete registration and payment before Jan. 10, 2021.
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Enrichment Courses
Please choose the enrichment courses for your child in Spring 2021 semester. You can choose multiple enrichment courses at the same time. Discounted tuition will be offered for students who will take the Chinese Language class during this Spring 2021 semester.
Total Enrichment Class Tuition *
Please add all the Enrichment courses tuition together.
Non-refundable Registration Fee *
Please choose $20 if your family is new to Toledo Chinese School, and this fee will only be paid once per family.
Chinese Language Course Tuition *
$170 (if this is your first child who has registered for Chinese course), $160 (if this is your second child who has registered for Chinese course), $150 (if this is your third child and on who has registered for Chinese course), $0 (this child has not registered for Chinese course)
Chinese Textbook Fee *
Choose $25 if you want to purchase the textbook for your registered Chinese Language course from Toledo Chinese School, otherwise choose $0. Please note that you don't need to buy the textbook if you will take the same Chinese language level course as Fall 2020 semester.
Early Registration Discount for Chinese Language Course Tuition *
10% discount (only applies to Chinese Language Course tuition) for returning students who complete registration and payment before Jan. 10, 2021. Choose 0% if your student has not taken any Chinese Language Course in Fall 2020 semester at Toledo Chinese School.
Total Registration Fee for This Student *
Please add non-refundable registration fee, Textbook fee, Chinese Language course tuition, and Enrichment course tuition together. For example, new student A: $20+$25+$170*(1-0%)+$60+$60=$335; returning student B: $0+$25+$170*(1-10%)+$60=$238.
Thank you for registering for Spring 2021 courses at Toledo Chinese School. You will receive an invoice through email after the registration is verified. After that, you can make payment accordingly. In the meantime, please visit Toledo Chinese School WeChat group for further information.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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