Section W-1N CVC & Conclave Committee Application
Contributing to the planning of the section Conclave is a unique experience.

Conclave Vice Chiefs (CVCs) are expected to lead the planning of a particular part of Conclave (e.g Activities, Shows, Auctions etc.). CVCs must be dependable, goal-oriented and communicate well with the Section officers over the course of the year.

CVCs can't do it alone though. CVCs need to assemble a team of Arrowmen (a Conclave committee) to accomplish the large task of planning an event for 300-400+ Arrowmen.

Serving as a CVC or on a Conclave committee is an extortionary opportunity to practice servant leadership, meet and collaborate with Arrowmen from across the section, and contribute to an event that will leave a lasting impact on the Arrowmen that attend.

Join a Conclave committee today!
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CoC Meetings
CVCs are required to attend the three Council of Chiefs meetings leading up to Conclave. These meetings will take place on Saturday, February 5th at Camp Pigott, Sunday, June 5th at Camp Parsons and Saturday, August 6th at the Chief Seattle Scout office. Virtual attendance options will be available for all three meetings but in-person attendance is preferred. If you cannot attend one or more of these meetings, that's okay. Communication is key. However, it is truly best if you prioritize attending these meetings over other comparable obligations. (Members of Conclave committees do not need to attend these meetings)
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The 2022 W-1N Conclave will be hosted by T'Kope Kwiskwis Lodge at Camp Parsons, September 16-18!
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