Student Technology Survey

Think of your classes, and rate how frequently the statements below are true: Almost always(5) Often(4) Sometimes(3) Rarely (2) Never(1)
Email address *
The teacher instructs or demonstrates to the whole class. *
The teacher uses media, such as videos or tapes. *
The teacher leads a class discussion. *
When I am at home doing school work, I do more than what is required (e.g., find more information, look at other resources). *
If your family has a computer, how often do you use it? *
How often do you access computers at school ? *
Do you decide when you want to use a computer to work on assignments. *
In an average week, how often do you use computers at school to do internet searches for projects? *
How often do you use a computer to complete the following tasks? Check the response that most accurately describes how often you use each of the following software programs / tools: Never(1) Once or twice a year(2) Monthly(3) Weekly(4) Almost daily(5) *
Play Games
Do school work
Word process a document
Create Presentations
Produce multimedia projects
Use the internet
Search for information on the web
Communicate through email
Use tutorials (drill and practice, Education Galaxy, Istation, Keyboarding)
Work with graphics and pictures (Canva)
Please list other programs you use from the last question. *
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