Application to purchase a Morrisby Practitioner Licence
From 1st October 2020 all practitioners wishing to use the Morrisby Profile with their clients will require a Morrisby Practitioner Licence. The licence will cost £125.00+VAT and is renewable annually.

The Practitioner Licence will come with five free Morrisby Profile credits, worth £25.00+VAT each. Any unused credits will expire on the renewal date of the licence, and five new credits will be applied to the practitioners account on renewal.

Above everything, this change has been introduced to guarantee expertise and to ensure the quality of the service received by users of our assessments. Practitioners holding this licence will be the most experienced and knowledgeable users of the Morrisby Profile. Therefore, all practitioners wishing to purchase a licence must have attended either a Morrisby Advanced Workshop or Advanced Webinar in the last three years. Previous training in the pencil/paper Morrisby Profile will also be considered where there is a recent and ongoing history of the Morrisby service being used regularly with clients.

It is essential that those clients undertaking our assessments are supported by practitioners who have a demonstrable understanding of the advanced use of the Morrisby Profile. Each year, on licence renewal, practitioners will provide a statement of competence. To support this, we offer a number of free training (CPD) opportunities to keep practitioners up to date with the most recent developments. Occasionally, Morrisby may also carry out random sampling of practitioner work (for example interview notes etc) to identify if any additional support could be useful.

From October, your clients will have access to a new candidate website, with improved careers information, a new report and other enhancements to assist their planning. Additionally, there will be a new Manager website with additional tools to help you support your clients even more effectively.

If you wish to undertake additional training please see our website:
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