Request Assistance (To be completed by a validator only)
We regret that we cannot review requests made by people on behalf of themselves, or requests from the vendors (such as landlords, utility companies) to be paid. Validators are necessary because they help us make sure that we are not duplicating efforts of other organizations in our community. Validators provide us with the information we need to make an informed and timely decision. Once all the information we need has been received, board members will vote on the request for assistance and get back to the validator with the decision that has been made. We will consider providing assistance up to $600/every 24 months. The maximum is $300/every 24 months for out-of-area requests. To process requests for assistance, we require you complete and submit the following information:
Town in which this person/family resides *
Brief description of the need for assistance, as well as any other resources being used or pursued. *
Is this a short-term need? What is this person/family doing to secure a more sustainable position? How will this assistance have a lasting impact? *
What is the exact amount being requested? *
What is the full amount that is owed or the amount of the total bill? In other words, how much will still be owed if Catamount Womenaid paid the amount you are requesting?
The name and ADDRESS of the vendor that will be paid, including account number. Or the store and item number for a purchase – online links are helpful. We will not be able to consider the request until this information is provided. *
Are you an organization with funds to assist the community? Are you partially funding this request? If yes, please explain why you cannot fully fund the request, and if no, please explain why you are unable to fulfill this request? *
What is the name of the potential recipient? (We will maintain the recipient’s confidentiality but want to be able to track repeat requests.) *
Has Womenaid helped in the past? *
Explanation of how Catamount Womenaid or any other Womenaid/Womenade helped in the past.
Is this request due to financial need resulting from criminal or negligent behavior? *
Explanation of above question re criminal or negligent behavior.
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