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Let's recenter social justice from the margins to the heart of Suzuki music education!

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Join us for either or both Zoom events on:

1. Thursday August 6 8:30-10pm EST
2. Saturday August 8 1-2:30pm EST

With our first Zoom events in August 2020, the Suzuki Social Justice Think Tank (SSJTT) will establish itself as an independent think tank offering practical solutions for individual Suzuki teachers (& beyond!) to nurture diversity, equity and inclusion ASAP in their own studios.

Why wait?

- Learn and/or offer up practical solutions for individual Suzuki teachers & beyond.
- Share your ideas through the in-meeting chat or apply to speaker for 8 minutes.
- Afterwards, you’ll be able to immediately apply new ideas that will nurture your studio with diversity, equity and inclusion!

Meet your hosts! Clara Hardie & Bruce Walker.

Clara Hardie cofounded the Suzuki-inspired violin studio Detroit Youth Volume in 2010 at a soup kitchen. She is raising her two-year-old twins on an urban prairie near the heart of the city. Clara created Youth Volume, a framework of social justice teaching & studio practices for Suzuki teachers and beyond. Request info about her January 2021 online teacher training at Clara also enjoys river swimming and Ashtanga yoga.

Bruce Walker cochairs the Advisory Committee on Race to the Board of the Suzuki Association of the Americas. He works as an Associate Professor of Music at Columbia Basin College in Pasco, WA, Music Director for the Yakima Youth Symphony in Yakima, WA, and is President of the Washington state chapter of the American String Teachers Association. Bruce enjoys hiking and traveling around the Pacific Northwest, enjoying time outside around a BBQ pit and smoker sampling new culinary creations, or shopping for and admiring argyle socks.


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Complete the survey below to RSVP. Not every question is Required.

You may join us for either or both Zoom events.
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In which subject area of "Nurturing a diverse, equitable & inclusive Suzuki studio" do you feel most confident sharing nuts & bolts? When discussing nuts and bolts of a subject/activity, you'll refer to the detailed practical aspects of it rather than abstract ideas about it. Teachers are looking to learn specific steps, perhaps even bullet pointed, they can take toward progress. You will have 8 minutes. Consider choosing 1-3 topics.
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