O'Shea Irish Dance Student Transfer Agreement

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    We have contacted our previous teacher regarding our intentions to transfer before making any commitment to a class with O’Shea Irish Dance.
    We agree to complete all necessary paperwork regarding our transfer to O’Shea Irish Dance in a timely manner.
    We will accept placement in the appropriate class as decided by the Director of O’Shea Irish Dance.
    We will refrain from entering competition until the Director determines the dancer is prepared to represent the school and his instruction.
    We will represent O’Shea Irish Dance to the best of our ability by showing respect to our new & previous schools including the teachers, students and other parents as well as members of all other schools we come in contact with privately or publicly.
    In regard to any and all future classes, feisanna or other public performances, we agree to display good sportsmanship including appropriate language, behaviour and dress.
    We will refrain from recruiting dancers from other schools and follow all rules and regulations as set out by the IDTAMA, IDTANA and An Coimisiun.
    We have discussed fully all issues raised in this agreement with our son/daughter and feel certain that we understand them all.
    Failure to follow this agreement will result in temporary or permanent removal from class, competition, and/or O’Shea Irish Dance in its entirety.
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    Rev. 8/20/2018