【Help Wanted】Photographers & Videographers for KIMONO BIJIN
The Japanese social networking media company KIMONO BIJIN, collaborating for events internationally, is looking for photographers and videographers who can come help out at Anime North 2019.

◉ More Details about KIMONO BIJIN programs at Anime North 2019

◆ Roles (example)
1. Photographer providing close coverage of the guests (Saturday, May 25, 8am to 4pm, 2 to 4 people)
 - You will document everything from the dressing room, makeup and styling through the end of the fashion show.
2. Same as above but Videographer (Saturday, May 25, 8am to 4pm, 1 to 2 people)
3. Fashion show Photographer/videographer only (Saturday May 25, multiple people)
4. Photographer & Videographer for the guests panels (May 24 to 26, 1 person each day)
5. Photographer for Photo booth (May 24, 25, 26, 1 or 2 people each day)

Anime North Event Info.

Last year's footage(With video)▼

KIMONO BIJIN ( SaQrown japan Inc.)
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The guests of Anime North2019_mamechiyo modern and Mieko Ueda
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Per person compensation scheme commensurate with experience can be provided.
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We look forward to seeing you all there soon!

Organized by KIMONO BIJIN - The Kimono - Japanese Culture Social Network-
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