Contenders..... are you ready? The world’s best quiz is about to return!

You will be able to enter your team name and access the quiz sheet on this very BDF from 19:45.

The live countdown begins broadcasting at 19:50. Head to our socials or to get the live stream:

- Facebook =
- YouTube =
- Twitch =
- Primordial website (live at 19:55) = (

Make sure before the quiz starts:
- Get your beverages and snacks in order (hopefully Bo Squidly Chocolate and a drink in a Primordial Goblet.. both available in store now)
- Have the stream up and running on a separate device from your quiz sheet, IF YOU CAN’T WATCH THE LIVE BROADCAST YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PLAY.
- A pen and paper (stupid I know) on the off chance your BDF goes tits up.
- You have emptied your bowels...

Using #flavtag get in touch with Mrs Cauldron (Vikki), send her your team photos, team names...ahh you get the point
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