Coaching Package: Pre Call Questionnaire and Application
I teach high achievers to take more confident, decisive action so they can live their most unapologetic life.

Thank you for being here!

Kindly, consider completing the form below.

It is really important for me to only work with people I know I can actually support and who I designed this coaching experience for AND for you to get the right coaching experience that's going to match your need.

Therefore, the next stage is to complete this questionnaire & application form, with as much detail as possible.

Remember, to continue being courageous and taking positive steps forward! (I believe in you!)

Your responses to the questions will give me more of an insight into areas we will work on together, along with your identified goals and focuses of our work together. After, receiving your form I will be in touch via email.

Can't wait to support you to take more confident, decisive action, so you can live your most unapologetic life.

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Coaching Package
Thank you for being here and applying to work with me for the next 3 months, on my Empowerment Coaching Package.

Thank you for showing up for yourself and taking interest, ownership and action to move forward in your life.

I invite you to pause and take a moment to reflect on how positive that is!

This premium Coaching Package is for you if you are a motivated professional who is ready to make yourself your priority and move forward in your life and you're looking for a 'Spring board' approach so you can create powerful shifts and regain control of your life.

You are wanting to feel consistently content, to create a positive mindset and you absolutely know
you are ready to create change.

You want to feel relaxed and at ease. To feel grounded and connected to your inner calm.

You value yourself and your personal development journey and want to maximise your potential.

You want to feel consistency in your confidence within yourself and boost your self belief.

You know that now is the time to create positive, permanent and powerful change.

You are eager to take the next step on your personal development journey and are seeking a clear path forward to finally feel like the most confident and self assured version of you.

You know that you are the captain of your own ship, you are ready to take ownership of your life and take aligned action to support yourself.

You are excited to continue moving forward on your self development journey and are looking for accountability, support and a guide in this process.

This Coaching package will provide you with a sacred space to create the changes you've been looking for and equip you with personalised tools, techniques and self-support strategies to help you grow, shift and transform through training your mind.

I know that we've been chatting, yet perhaps I wonder if it would help you to know a little more about me first?

Firstly, I’m so happy you’re here! Thank you for reaching out to me.

My passion is empowering motivated and dedicated people just like you to know they can train their mind just like any other muscle in your body, to learn how to be consistently calm, increase inner confidence and to take courageous steps forward so that you can thrive within each area of your life.

Supporting you to continue to grow, shift and transform as part of your personal development and Empowerment transformation journey.

I’m Sarah and I’m a qualified and experienced Therapist and Certified Psychological Coach, with a Masters in Counselling Psychology, BSc in Psychology, Diploma in Cognitive Coaching, Certificate in Life Coaching, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Stress Management.

Over the past 10 years I have worked as a high level manger within the NHS and within my business; empowering hundreds of high achievers to completely transform the most important relationship in their lives; the one with themselves AND I’m so excited to work with you, help you move forward and empower you to do the same.

My Therapeutic Coaching Package offers a robust, structured and supportive container for you to be able to create understanding and make sense of your pattering by building awareness and encouraging self compassion.

Equally, through challenge we will identify mindset tools, tips and proven psychological techniques to support your personal development journey, along with equipping you with your own self support strategies that you can call upon any time so you can consistently create a positive mindset, cultivate calm, feel confident and excel forward in your life.

This coaching experience includes...

-> 3 months of 1:1 coaching

-> 1 x initial connection call, to explore focus of work & how together we can create empowering change

-> 1 x 90 minute Initial Coaching Call - to start work together, so you feel focused, relieved & have clarity about steps to move forward to feel confident.

-> 5 x 60 minute calls  - Fortnightly Private 1:1 Coaching over 7 hrs of personalised attention tailored to your specific needs and goals. Providing you with the steps you need to take to create a calm mind and increase your inner confidence

-> Bespoke plan, detailing how we will work together to create empowering change. You gain clarity of mind, finally feel like you're on the right track, no longer confused about what steps to take and have confidence within your decisions.

-> Access to 'Sarah as your side kick' - Additional access to me for on-going support and accountability. 
-> Have instant access to me in your back pocket, for those moments when you're having a 'wobble', need a sanity check or want to celebrate your progress 
-> Gain instant reassurance & strategies so you can feel on track & continue taking confident decisive action feel your best self; this is where most of the change happens
- This is truly what sets this way of working apart, you have access to me for daily voicenotes, messages of support and this is truly where the change happens.

-> Shared Google document with your session notes, summary, action points and points of reflection, capturing your 90-day journey and agreement actions

-> A downloadable welcome pack to help you to reprogram your unconscious mind complete with empowerment actions and signposting to additional resources

-> Access to The 'Cultivate Calm Collection':
-> Instant access to a collection of empowering meditations, visualizations & masterclass', resources & worksheets.


-> Instant access to a collection of additional resources. Accessible anytime, so that you feel supported, empowered and calm. 

-> PLUS Additional bespoke meditations and visualisations created for you as identified to meet your need and allowing you to feel consistently calm & back in-control.

-> Chaos to Calm: 90 min Masterclass to STOP survival mode (RRP £44.44)

I work with people who are ready to take ownership, interest and action to reclaim the most important relationship in their lives; the one with yourself.

Try and be as honest as you possibly can.

Remember, it takes a lot of courage to be honest.

I know you're a courageous person, because you have reached out to me, you have taken a step forward and you are here.

Remember: 'You are the captain of your own ship' continue moving forward and taking action, interest and ownership to shape the course of your future.

Kind words following Coaching package together.
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Where did you find me and my services? *
ARE YOU CURRENTLY ON MY MAILING LIST (IF NOT DO YOU WANT TO BE? I won't spam you, I endeavour to send out tools, tips and techniques surrounding positive mindset, cultivating calm and inner confidence. Along with special offers for my services to those subscribed) *
Tell me a bit more about yourself? (About your life, your interests and about you!) *
Have you ever worked with a mentor/therapist or coach before? *
If you have worked with a mentor/therapist or coach before, share a little about that experience here (what was helpful, was it successful etc or if this is the first time tell me how you know now is the right time to seek this type of support - be as specific as possible and any thoughts you have on this) *
What draw you to Sarah and this empowerment package? *
At present, where are you in your personal development Journey? (What actions have you taken so far, what support have you found helpful etc) *
What challenges have you overcome previously and how? *
What challenges are you currently facing and how are these challenges impacting on you? (on your health, life, social life, work or within relationships?) *
How do you spend your free time? *
As a result of us working together, what would you like to STOP doing and what would you like to START doing? *
What would you like to get out of your Coaching experience with Sarah? (be as specific as possible) *
Why does it feel important for you to work with Sarah and gift yourself this coaching space? *
What would you notice about yourself as a result of our work together? (how would things change, what would you be doing differently - be as specific as possible) *
What are your best hopes and goals for sessions together over the next 90-days? And how does it impact on you reflecting on these goals? *
Are you ready to do the inner work and be open minded to create the changes you are looking for?
Kindly specify your availability for our (60min) calls, be specific in terms of days and times of day as to when you were hoping for us to connect. This will allow me to make a match and prioritise you and our work together. (Please note I currently have a short waitlist for evening appointments, however, earlier morning calls can be accommodated from 7am uk time and on occasion Saturdays) *
On a scale on 0-10 how committed are you right now to investing in yourself and doing the inner work to create positive, permanent and powerful changes that you desire? *
Have you shared everything with me and that you want me to know before we connect on a call? *
Thank you - Be proud of yourself!
Thank you for being honest, open and courageous and completing this application form - go and reward yourself for taking this step forward and taking ownership of your life. 

Remember you are the captain of your own ship and you have to take steps forwards to create change in your life!

This Package is a 1500+ investment, committed applications only.

I look forward to talking more and creating positive change together. Sarah x
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