Aquaknights Merchandise 2018
ONE PAGE PER CHILD please Store Closes April 20, 2018
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TYR Alliance T-Splice Maxfit Female Team Suit Black/Blue $38 + tax
Female Suit Sizes
TYR Alliance Splice Male Jammer $25.50 + tax
Male Jammer Sizes
TYR Alliance Splice Male Brief $20.50 +tax
Male Brief Sizes
Swim Caps
Team Logo Caps
Team Logo Swim Cap Silicone $10 + tax
Team Logo Swim Cap Latex $7 + tax
Personalized Team Logo Silicone Caps
Minimum 2 caps per name $26.00 + tax
Names subject to approval. Suggest use last name so caps may be used for either kid.
Personalized Team Logo Silicone Caps
Name on Team Logo Cap
Your answer
Parka (black on black) $70 + tax
Youth Sizes of Parka
Adult Sizes of Parka
Personalization of Parka
Name Parka $10 additonal + tax
Your answer
Small AK Logo On Front $10 additional + tax
Training Fins
Training Fins $20 + tax
Size of Training Fins
Alliance 45L Backpack $45 + tax
Number of Backpacks
Personalization options
Name on Backpack $10 additional + tax
Your answer
AK on backpack $10 additional + tax
Mummy Bag
Mummy Bags $20 + tax
Number of Mummy Bags
Color of Mummy Bag
Personalization option
Name on Mummy Bag $10 additional + tax
Your answer
Mesh Bag
Mesh Bag $12 + tax
Mesh Bag Color
Number of Mesh Bags
Embroidered Hats
50th Anniversary Hat Embroidered $25
Captionless Image
50th Anniversary Hat Number of Hats
White Embroidered Hat Aquaknights on back $22 + tax
White Hat Order
Black Embroidered Hat Aquaknights on back $22 + tax
Black Hat Order
Royal Blue Embroidered Hat Aquaknights on back $22 + tax
Blue Hat Order
Visors (One Size fits All) $18 + tax
Visor Order
Team Shirts and Sweaters
Team Shirts (Short sleeved, Gildan Cotton) $20 + tax
Color of Team Shirt
Team Shirt Sizes
Team Sweater (Gildan Cotton 50/50) $40 + tax
Color of Sweatshirt Hoodie
Sweatshirt Sizes
Team Tank Gildan Ultra Cotton $18 + tax
Color of Tank
Sizes of Tank
Payment Information
By selecting yes, you understand and agree to the Aquaknights Swim Team processing a transaction through Diamond Hills for all selected merchandise ordered above. All monies are due before order will be placed. If no is selected, Payment at the desk or with Checks made payable to " DHSC Aquaknights Swim Team". Your order will be confirmed and verified payment prior to placing order. Once order is confirmed, please make payment within 72 hours of confirmation.
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