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Program Description
The Young Band Nation Program places young musicians ages 11-17 in bands together. They rehearse weekly for an hour and have the opportunity to play a minimum of 3 shows per session - shows take place at Baton Rouge Music Studio's - Blue Verse Room and around town at local venues and restaurants.

Are you new to BRMS? Please contact us at 225-769-6225 or to set up a free assessment to ensure proper placement with students near the same age and skill level.


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YBN Terms and Commitments
Please be aware that you are committing to the dates/times of the YBN shows when you sign up for this program. Part of this program is learning how to be a part of a band and being a reliable teammate.

We understand conflicts may arise throughout the session, please do your very best to block off the show dates in your calendar(s) NOW. All of the shows are confirmed unless otherwise mentioned.
More shows will be added throughout the session and you will be asked to perform, but there will be no consequences if you cannot make the additional performances booked last minute.

No make-up lessons can be given for missed rehearsals, as the entire band functions as a unit. However, if several band members will be out, the instructor has the option to reschedule the entire rehearsal for another day of the week.
Young Band Nation is a semester commitment, however, if a student absolutely must drop, written notice must be submitted to the front office 30 days in advance. If a 30-day notice cannot be given, there is an immediate drop fee of $30.00. There will be NO REFUND for any tuition paid in full at the start of the YBN Fall 2019 session.

MUSIC PREFERENCE: It is important for everyone to know that we are developing young musicians to take a professional approach to musicianship, attitude, work ethic, etc. Having said this, our instructors often choose specific material in a variety of music genres either to please audience members or for a singer who sings in a specific range, or for many other reasons. All students should expect to be exposed to and required to perform many different genres.

SCHEDULING: It's important to us that we give you and your child the best experience possible, and we will do whatever possible to maintain some flexibility in scheduling. However, Young Band Nation functions in groups, so it's important to approach this program as a "team sport." Flexibility in scheduling is very difficult when trying to cater to each student. We will send band rehearsal times after we group students and we hope that you can join us when you receive your schedule! Please see the following to help us out!

You will have the option below to inform us of any events that are already on your Spring calendar that will conflict with a required YBN performance. We might contact you to discuss other program options if your student will be absent for 2-3 shows.

Media Release: I hereby grant full permission to BRMS to use either my or child's photograph, video, or recorded audio material in any publication or advertising materials (printed or electronic). This consent also serves to waive all rights of privacy or compensation which I may have in connection with the use of my or my child's photograph, video, or recorded audio materials. *
Scheduling for Rehearsal Day: Choose the day that your student is UNAVAILABLE during the week to attend rehearsals *
Scheduling Rehearsal Time: Choose the time that works BEST for your student's weekly rehearsal *
Tuition Information and Payment Options
Tuition Options (other options can apply):
*Your final tuition for your student(s) will be e-mailed to you before your payment information is run for your first payment. Please contact us with questions in the meantime.

YBN Membership Tuition
Total $700
Installment amount (5 installments August 1 - December 1) $140

How would you like to pay? First installments are due on August 1st *
Pay in full for Fall 2019 tuition. Do not click this option unless you are aware of your tuition total for all programs *
I understand that as a returning student my automatic payment will be run either on August 1st or August 5th *
Please click here to complete YBN Registration Fall 2019 (August - December) - an administrator will contact you shortly to discuss scheduling and tuition/payment. *
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