Training Needs Assessment Children Sector Workforce: AICS Training Institute
AICS Training Institute is a constituent of the African Institute for Children Studies, an NGO registered in Kenya with the mandate to provide training, policy advisory, research, M&E and organization capacity development services. AICS is currently operational in Kenya, Uganda and South Sudan, with plans to open offices in other countries in Africa.

We offer training that emphasize practical skills and are child rights based; all students must complete a practicum report. Some of these courses are offered jointly with The Institute for Child Development at Daystar University, Kenya.

As part of an annual process, we are conducting a Training Needs Assessment for the Workforce in Children Sector . If you have not filled in this form this year, we kindly request your participation in the assessment to inform the planning for training programs in the next year.

There are 13 questions, most of which have drop down list to select from. It should take you about 5mins to complete the questions.

Thank you for contributing towards a qualified workforce in children sector.

Q1: Please write the name of your organization/ employer in full
E.g. African Institute for Children Studies
Your answer
Q1b: What is your email address?
Your answer
Q1c: In which country are you based? *
E.g. Uganda
Your answer
Q2a: Which sector do your work in?
e.g. Health/ Education/ Humantarian and emergency/ food security
Your answer
Q3: Select your sex from the drop down list *
Q4a. What is the highest certification you currently hold *
Q4b: What is your area of specialization *
E.g Bsc in foods nutrition and dietetics
Your answer
Q5: What is your current job title?
e.g. Child participation programs manager
Your answer
Q6: What geographical area do you cover?
National or County
Q7: What level of management in organization do you serve in?
Q8: How many years of experience have you worked in the sector? *
Q9: What training (s) would you need to help you serve better in your capacity?
Multiple responses apply. While you can check all courses that you need, we however encourage you to check a maximum of FIVE priority courses for you. If your prefered course is not listed, please list in Q11
Q10: What type of training sessions do you prefer?
Q11 (a). What other training do you need or recommend for you and others working in children sector?
e.g. Building self-esteem in children
Your answer
Q11 (b). Why would you need or recommend the training in Q11 (a)?
Your answer
Q12. If you were to participate in any of the trainings, what challenges are you likely to encounter?
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Q13. Any other comment
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