Stanford USUDC 2018 Institutional Registration Form
STOP!!! The tab import was done on March 31, so if you're making changes now, they probably won't be seen. You should still update this form, BUT you now ALSO need to contact BOTH the convenors AND the tab directors to make sure they see your changes.

This is the institutional registration form. Each institution should only complete this once.

Reminder of registration policy:
- Main registration period: Feb 19th - March 5th
- Institutions are automatically granted up to 4 teams if requested within the main registration period (i.e. before March 5th)
- We anticipate ability to accept many teams off the waitlist very quickly
- ESL teams are granted instantly, without affecting institutional team caps or waitlist positions
- N-1 judging requirement

- $150 per team
- $75 per judge
- $150 per observer
- Judging penalty (applied to every team not covered under N-1) : $150 per team.

The full registration policy can be found here:

If you have requested registration/judge breaks and require these breaks in order to attend, please don't fill out this form untill those breaks have been approved. If you need to change anything after you submit, please email us at Please do NOT make a new submission. You will have a chance to communicate team and individual-specific details (dietary and accessibility restrictions, CC/ESL/Novice status, etc.) on the team registration form.

Please email with any questions.

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