End of Year Survey
This survey is specifically for students at Ohio University.
This survey is 100% Anonymous.
Please fill it out as thoroughly and honestly as possible.
1. Do you consider yourself to be Jewish? *
2. What year did you most recently complete at Ohio University *
3. Did you attend any OU Hillel events or activities during the 2019-2020 school year? *
4. I feel comfortable going to programs, events, and services at Ohio University Hillel *
5. The OU Hillel Staff is welcoming to all students *
6. Hillel staff and students make me feel accepted for who I am when I’m at Hillel. *
7. Hillel is effective in the way it works to engage Jewish students *
8. Hillel is a safe and comfortable space for Jewish students at Ohio University *
9. Hillel staff and students respect the fact that what being Jewish means may differ from person to person and they don’t try to push a particular agenda or point of view. *
10 , Hillel’s Jewish Educator is able to explain Jewish values in a “down to earth” way that makes them understandable to me *
11. My experiences with Ohio University Hillel have been meaningful *
12. The OU Hillel leadership understands the needs and interests of Ohio University’s Jewish students *
13. Hillel is currently meeting my needs and interests *
14. I feel like the leadership at Hillel would provide me with support if a student peer, faculty member, administrator, town official or merchant were to treat me disrespectfully because of my faith. *
What programs/events could Hillel at Ohio University do to encourage student to become more active in Jewish life on campus?
If you answered “Disagree” or “Strongly Disagree” for any questions above, please give any explanation or examples you're comfortable sharing:
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