At Cloud Systems Development we want to make sure working with us is as easy as possible, We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service as well as our highly skilled team. Below are some questions that will make sure your time with us is well spent, efficient and rewarding. It is broken down into three section to make the most out of your time and ours.
Introduce yourself. :)
Gathering some basic info, so that I can keep everything straight.
Your Name
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Company Name
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Email for collaborating
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Phone Number
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Current or Desired URL
Web address where the website is going to be hosted.
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About you!
What's your elevator pitch?
In a couple of sentences, describe what your company does. :)
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What would you like the website to accomplish?
What is your main goal with this new site?
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Deadline? and Budget?
When would you like the website to be completed and what sort of budget has been set aside?
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About Your project!
In order for us to design a great website for you that is effective, first we need to understand you and/or your company.
Project Codename
Go ahead, you know you want to give your project a secret code name!
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Target Audience
Who are you building the site for? Clients, Potential Buyers, etc?
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Pages Layout
How many pages, Please be as specific as possible. i.e. Home, About Us, Team, Contact Us, etc?
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What would you like to see on your new website?
Any special requests?
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3 Websites you really like
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3 Websites you really don't like
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Thank You!
We'll get back to you within 24 hours, Meanwhile remember that all of our websites are mobile friendly, Responsive, Search Engine Optimized (SEO) and include a Social Media Strategy tailored for your specific needs!

We look forward to working with you.

- The CSD Team
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