Labour Campaign for Trans Rights
Below find our founding statement and pledges for all Labour Party members who support trans rights to sign.
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Labour Campaign for Trans Rights: Founding Statement
The Labour Campaign for Trans Rights has been founded by transgender and non-binary Labour members in order to advance trans liberation through the Labour Party. Trans people today are disproportionately affected by the evils of homelessness, unemployment, poverty and hate crime. We live under a Conservative government which restricts our rights and puts those with transphobic views in positions of power; whilst we are attacked relentlessly by a reactionary press.

As the party which stands for socialism, the Labour Party must play an active and crucial role in the fight for transgender liberation. Although Labour is the party which has worked hardest to advance LGBT+ rights, when considering the level of oppression trans people face, our commitment to trans liberation has often been equivocal or inadequate. There are still transphobes in our ranks, and we have often failed to act as transphobia has gained ground within our party. Now that trans people face the onslaught of a Conservative majority, this must change, and it is this campaign’s goal to create a Labour Party which stands firmly on the side of trans people.

We firstly urge all allies and sympathetic Labour members to sign our founding pledges, and to encourage your comrades, and especially your representatives in the Labour movement, to do so as well. These pledges have been written to outline some of the actions required to rid the Labour Party of transphobia and to stand up for trans people. These are only the first steps, but it is our hope that they are adopted by members and MPs alike, and help set us down the path towards a society where trans people can be free, safe, and happy.
Labour Campaign for Trans Rights: Pledges

1. Accept the material reality that trans people are oppressed and discriminated against in British society, facing a rising risk of hate crime, and difficulty accessing public services, healthcare, housing and employment.

2. Believe that trans liberation must be an objective of the Labour Party, and that transphobia is antithetical to our collective aims.

3. Commit to respecting trans people as their self-declared gender, and to ensure that the Labour Party is an inclusive environment for trans people.

4. Accept that trans women are women, trans men are men, and non-binary people are non-binary.

5. Accept that there is no material conflict between trans rights and women’s rights, and that all trans women are subject to misogyny and patriarchal oppression.

6. Listen to trans comrades on issues of transphobia and transmisogyny, allowing trans people to lead the way on our own liberation.

7. Support the work of trans members and organisers within the Labour movement, including supporting motions on a local, regional and national level which are presented for the furthering of trans liberation.

8. Oppose transphobic motions which run contrary to our own party equalities policy, and support the NEC striking down such motions on this basis.

9. Organise and fight against transphobic organisations such as Woman’s Place UK, LGB Alliance and other trans-exclusionist hate groups.

10. Support the expulsion from the Labour Party of those who express bigoted, transphobic views.

11.Support reform of the Gender Recognition Act to improve transgender rights, as well as supporting policies which would improve trans people’s access to necessary healthcare, housing, and employment.

12. Organise against and oppose any further transphobic policy from our own party or any other.
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Signed by:
Founding signatories:

Torr Robinson, Beckenham, London Young Labour Trans Office
Gwen Wall, Maryhill and Springburn, fundraising officer
Beth Desmond, Brighton Pavilion
Christie Neary, Hornsey & Wood Green. National Education Union
Lauren Rae Harley, Greenwich and Woolwich
Arthur Webber, Peterborough, LGBT+ Officer
Florence Corf, Bethnal Green & Bow, Queen Mary Labour Society LGBT+ officer
Emrys Woodward, Richmond Park
India (Dee) Peploe, Poplar and Limehouse, Vice Chair Goldsmiths Labour Club
Quinn Porter, Aldershot
Charlie Knowles, Birkenhead, LGBT+ Officer, Wirral Young Labour Equalities and Inclusions Officer
Lines Robson, Runnymede and Weybridge
Ish Tominey-Nevado, Coventry North West
Juliet Jacques, Hackney North & Stoke Newington
Lena Worwood, Newton Abbot Women's Officer
Laura Hargreaves, Brighton Pavilion
Rosa Kurchaska, Leeds North East
Charlie Caine, North West Norfolk
Ewan Jobe, North Tyneside
Aster Read, Barrow and Furness
Eden Ladley, Macclesfield

Members of Parliament:

Rebecca Long-Bailey, Salford and Eccles
Angela Rayner, Ashton-under-Lyne
Lisa Nandy, Wigan
Karl Turner, East Hull
Nadia Whittome, Nottingham East
Dawn Butler, Brent Central
Emily Thornberry, Islington South and Finsbury
Alex Sobel, Leeds North West
Zarah Sultana, Coventry South
Clive Lewis, Norwich South
Dr Rosena Allin-Khan, Tooting


A full list of the 3,400+ signatories (correct to about 00:00 on 13th February 2020) can be found here:
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