Open House at The Animation Workshop - October 12, 14:00 - 18:00
Sign up for our next Open House event here! The day will consist of:

1) Presentations of our different programmes (14.00 – 16.10)
2) Tours and activities at/around campus (14.00 – 18.00)
3) Portfolio reviews

Below you can specify which parts of the event you're interested in.

If you're visiting to learn more about the BACHELOR COURSES, we suggest going to the "Intro to the TAW bachelor courses" at 14 to get a sense of which might be more suited to your talents and interests - and then attending the talk on that course plus a portfolio review with a second year student and maybe a tour of the school and/or the dorms.

If you're visiting to hear about VISUAL HF, our youth education programme for visual talents has its own separate Open House schedule running from 14.

If you're (also) here for the DRAWING ACADEMY, there are talks at 14.40 and 15.30. You might also want to take part in a life drawing session or go on guided tours to see the TDA classrooms and/or the nearby dorms.

I would like to attend these activities:
14.40 – 15.20: Bachelor course presentations
15.30 – 16.10: Bachelor course presentations
Portfolio reviews (available 14:30 - 18:00)
Note: You can sign up for a specific portfolio review time slot when you arrive - if you plan to do so, please bring work relevant to the course in question: Drawings, comics pages, traditional or digital. If your work is only available digitally, please bring a tablet or laptop!
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