Data Horror Week: share your data horrors!
It is a part of the academic culture to celebrate success and to hide things that went wrong. We - RDM Support in the Library - think it’s important to also address the uncomfortable and see what we can learn from it in order to be successful. This is why we are planning Data Horror Week 26 - 30 October.

During Data Horror Week, we would like to share stories that highlight how data management went wrong and the lessons that could be learned from these situations. Would you like to share a story with the wider community of the VU? We would love to hear from you!

You can read some examples of data horror stories here:

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Tell us your horror story, what happened? What caused the problem? Where was the challenge? Ex. I used an outdated format to save my experimental data
Did you find a solution? Tell us what happened? How did this situation end? Ex. I went to a different university because they hand the necessary software
Was there a lesson learned? How could this horror be avoided? What could have been done better? What was the main lesson learned from this story? Ex. I started to pay a lot of attention to software versions
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