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Would you like to support OGA by joining one of our committees? Most committees meet once a month for 1-2 hours (currently via Zoom), and committee members often take on small tasks between those meetings.

Please indicate if you are interested in joining any of the committees described below and answer a few questions about yourself. You can select more than one committee if you cannot decide yet which would be the best fit. Your submission is not a binding agreement; it's a signal for us to get in touch with you with further information.

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Education Committee
The Education Committee plans and organizes all non-conference events hosted or co-hosted by OGA. Events can be networking-focused or educational; in addition, the Education Committee occasionally organizes community service events. Responsibilities include selecting topics, securing sponsorships, recruiting speakers, selecting event dates and locations, and logistics.

Note: Due to COVID-19, OGA currently does not organize in-person events; all events are hosted virtually via Zoom.
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Conference Committee
The Conference Committee plans the organization’s annual conference. The Conference Committee recommends a theme and date for the conference to the Board of Directors. Responsibilities also include securing sponsorships, recruiting speakers, selecting a conference location, and logistics.

Note: Due to COVID-19, the 2021 Annual Conference will be a virtual event.
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Communications Committee

The Communications Committee is responsible for overseeing OGA’s website, OGA’s presence in social media, and the creation and distribution of promotional material. Committee members develop and implement communication strategies and create content for the use with social media, the website, and print material to promote the organization and its programs and to support member recruitment and retention.
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Membership Committee
The Membership Committee is concerned with the retention of existing members as well as the development and implementation of membership growth strategies. This committee works in conjunction with the Education and Conference Committees to ensure that the conference and other events help promote membership growth. Committee members also work with the Communications Committee in developing communication strategies, materials, and platforms to promote OGA and its programs to existing and prospective members.
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