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Physical infrastructure of the college library *
The prescribed books, journals, news paper, magazine & regarding material in the library *
Reading room facility in the college library *
Support & assistance from the library staff *
Photocopy facility in the college library *
Infrastructure of the college Computer Laboratory *
Internet facilities in the college *
Teacher's motivation to avail library facilities *
The office staff in the college administration *
Equipment, amenities and Assistance provided by sports department *
Practice and training facilities for Sport and Games *
Extra and Co-Curricular Activities in the college *
Infrastructure, facilities, amenities, assistance by the college for cultural events and other activities (ECA) *
Extension activities of the college (NSS and Life Long Learning) *
Grievances/ Redressal System *
Discipline of the college *
The functioning of the placement cell in the college *
The cleanliness and maintenance of classroom *
The power supply in the campus *
The facilities and food quality of the Canteen *
Access to Wi-Fi and Internet facility *
Cleanliness and maintenance of Toilets/Washrooms *
Clean and safe drinking water facility in the campus *
Greenery in the college campus *
Overall academic environment of the college *
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