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ORDER YOUR BOOKS and have them personally signed by Elly Griffiths (on book plates).

If you want the book signed for someone in particular (yourself perhaps?), put the name(s) in the field below your ordered title. (All books will be delivered signed, put a name in if you want it signed for someone in particular.)

Have your pick from the list of Elly’s books below and list the books you would like to order in the form.

PRICES: Most paperbacks are 150:-, the latest title ”The Midnight Hour” (Brighton Mysteries #6) is only out in trade paperback 245:- for now. The childrens books in Girl Called Justice series are 115:-.

We’ll confirm prices & availability before your order is finalized.

Please allow some extra delivery time as the personally signed book plates are sent to us from the UK after the event.

DELIVERY: You can order books for pick-up at our bookshops in Uppsala and Stockholm, or have them sent to you (postage 45:- within Sweden). For international delivery (within EU only), we’ll contact you with freight cost details.

PAYMENT: We’ll notify you when your ordered books are ready to be sent to you – you can then choose to pay by Swish or card (or by invoice). If you’re picking up in the bookshop, you pay at the shop as usual. (Prices are in SEK Swedish Krona)

THE ENGLISH BOOKSHOP • info@bookshop.se

** DON’T FORGET to add your contact details further down in the form, and to send in your order with the Submit/Skicka button at the very end of the form! **


1. The Crossing Places (2009)
2. The Janus Stone (2010)
3. The House at Sea's End (2011)
4. A Room Full of Bones (2011)
4.5. Ruth's First Christmas Tree (2012)
5. A Dying Fall (2012)
6. The Outcast Dead (2014)
7. The Ghost Fields (2015)
8. The Woman in Blue (2016)
9. The Chalk Pit (2017)
10. The Dark Angel (2018)
11. The Stone Circle (2019)
12. The Lantern Men (2020)
13. The Night Hawks (2021)
14. The Locked Room (coming 2022)

1. The Zig Zag Girl (2014)
2. Smoke and Mirrors (2015)
3. The Blood Card (2016)
4. The Vanishing Box (2017)
5. Now You See Them (2019)
6. The Midnight Hour (2021) Trade Paperback 245:-

1. The Stranger Diaries (2018)
2. The Postscript Murders (2020)

GIRL CALLED JUSTICE (paperbacks 115:-)
1. A Girl Called Justice (2019)
2. The Smugglers' Secret (2020)
3. A Ghost in the Garden (2021)
4. The Spy at the Window (coming 2022)

MORE INFO on the series and titles:

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