PM102 Survey
Please complete this survey by January 10. Your responses will determine how we manage potential reconfiguration of current teams as well as the applications from classmates who were not in PM101 but who wish to enroll in PM102 as joiners.

All students who took PM101 for credit are guaranteed a spot in PM102, if they want one. Once you have confirmed that you wish to continue, Prof. Perri will notify the Registrar, who will enroll you. If you don't respond by Jan 10, you will NOT be registered for PM102.

All PM101 projects will receive funding per team based on A) how many teams continue in PM102 and B) consideration of other funding received outside of PM101/102 (e.g., Rock Accelerator or outside venture funds). We cannot guarantee funds to subsidize new projects proposed by current PM101 students. However, if current students have a project underway outside of PM101 that meets the criteria below, they are invited to bring it into PM102.

Qualifying projects should be ready to commence software development, either for v1.0 of a product or a significant set of new features for an existing product. "Ready to commence development" implies that the team has a Product Requirements Document in hand or has the functional equivalent of a PRD (e.g., wireframes, a complete set of user stories) that can be used to provide detailed guidance to developers. You may use the J-term period to develop these materials.

Applicants who meet these criteria should, in addition to completing this form, separately email to Prof. Perri: 1) your PRD or its equivalent and 2) a paragraph or two summarizing your venture's current status and progress to date (e.g., description of customer discovery work and MVP testing you have completed; prototyping work; etc.). You should also set up a meeting with Prof. Perri to discuss your application before Dec 20 - contact Eric Dunn to schedule:

Please note that any PM101 team with fewer than three students going into PM102 should be prepared to add or recruit one or two project joiners.

Please email Prof. Perri if you have any questions. Thanks!
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How likely are you to enroll in PM102? *
If you answer "100% certain I will not enroll" you can skip the rest of the survey questions.
If you are uncertain about whether you will enroll in PM102, what factors will influence your decision and when are you likely to decide?
If you do enroll in PM102, on what basis would you like to participate?
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If you would like to switch to another PM101 team, do you have a specific team in mind, and have you approached those classmates about joining?
We will continue to cap team size at four members. You can switch to any team that agrees to accept you, as long as doing so does not boost their team size beyond four.
If you plan to continue working on your PM101 project, do you have classmates in mind who might join your PM102 team?
Only one response per team is necessary. As noted above, we will continue to cap team size at four. If you will have capacity, you can expand your team by adding either current PM101 students or classmates who were not enrolled in PM101. The latter must complete an application that is available on the Registrar's course catalog page for PM102 ( We will automatically approve applications from classmates you identify as preferred teammates. If you don't have specific names in mind but you have preferences regarding the background of students who might join your team, please describe them below. We will not require teams to expand if they do not wish to add new members.
Please share any other questions or concerns you have about PM102.
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