AMITY Host Family Application
During the 2019-20 school year the Rios Spanish Immersion program at Jefferson Elementary and Winona Middle School will play host to cultural interns from Spanish speaking countries.

Home stays will last between 3-5 months.

We are looking for families and community members to host Interns that will be working in our classrooms and school.
Interns are young adults from Spanish speaking countries that spend their year teaching alongside immersion teachers in Winona.

Host Family Expectations would be to:
-Provide a private room for the AMITY Intern
-Maintain a clean and healthy living environment
-Provide room and board for AMITY Interns (Including food & household necessities). Host families are volunteers and we will not be able to pay them.
-Transportation to and from school (Teachers-staff can help with this if there is an issue)
-Include AMITY intern in family traditions, practices and holidays
-Include AMITY intern in family outings

All AMITY Interns are required to have a clean background check prior to participating in this program.

By filling out this form, you are showing interest to receive more information/be contacted regarding hosting an AMITY Intern.

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Would you prefer to host an intern working at Jefferson Elementary or Winona Middle School? ¿Usted prefiere un intern que trabaja en Jefferson Elementary o Winona Middle School? *
Is your home smoke free? ¿Fuman en casa? *
Do you have a separate/private bedroom for the AMITY intern? ¿Tiene dormitorio privado para el visitante? *
Do you have separate bathroom facilities? (this is not required to host) ¿Tiene baño privado para el visitante? (no es necesario tener) *
Can you provide transportation to and from school? ¿Puede usted llevar al visitante al colegio todos los días? *
If the AMITY intern cannot attend weekends or time away, are you willing to leave them home alone? ¿Sí el visitante no puede viajar con la familia, está cómodo en dejarle en casa solo? *
Do you have a gender preference? ¿Preferencia de sexo? *
Do you belong to any clubs or groups? ¿Participa en algún club o grupo de la comunidad? *
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