Transform Your Mindset!
Hello there,

I am Ms. Gilda Given, a Tanzanian young lady who chooses to Serve, Inspire, and Transform people mindset.

I love sharing lessons with you, and strongly believe that "If you have the ability to shape your MINDSET then all things will come into balance. At this point, you will come to understand that, “Human Beings Have Unlimited Potential!"

Neale Donald Walsch (Author - Conversations with God), one among God's servants once pointed out that “Life has nothing to do with your body because you have your body but it is not something that you are” This in itself implies that you are the Soul and the Soul cannot survive without the mind. Thus, managing your mind is essential. This is done by shaping your mindset and transforming it. In my weekly articles, I share different lessons on how you can positively transform your MINDSET.

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