2021 OCTG Voter Application

The OCTG Awards are peer based. Actors, directors, designers, playwrights, composers, lyricists, artistic administrators, stage managers, assistant stage managers, journalists, educators and other theatre professionals are the primary Voter profile.

All Voters must apply each season, and acceptance is not guaranteed.

OCTG Awards Committee will review and recommend each season’s panel of Voters for final approval by the full OC Theatre Guild Board. Voter approval is based on their application content and the specific needs of the program, such as geographic coverage, for that year. All Voters must be at least 18 years old.

Voters can fall into these categories:

1. Individual Member Voters - All local artists are welcome to apply to be a Voter. If selected, Voters will be required to join OCTG as an Individual member for the season.

2. Organizational Voters - Each registered organization submitting productions for evaluation must fill two seats in the Voter pool to be split by no more than five Organizational Voters. Aside from the number of productions they must attend, Organizational Voters must meet all requirements of an Individual Voter including application approval by the OC Theatre Guild Board. These representatives are not required to join OC Theatre Guild.

3. Media Voters - Local theatre journalists who have been actively writing about theatre in our community for the last three years or have proof of employment by a major publication are not required to join OC Theatre Guild. However, they must meet all requirements of an Individual Voter including application approval by the OC Theatre Guild Board.


• Be an OCTG Individual Member in good standing throughout the season.
• Complete a mandatory orientation & training session
• Commit to a full awards season and to attend a minimum of one production a month. (Through December)
• Have reliable transportation to and from assignments.
• Submit availability for the upcoming month by the 15th of every month.
• Record evaluation ballots by the first Tuesday following the performance.
• All Voters are expected to be fair and unbiased in their judging.
• Conduct themselves with respect and graciousness while on assignment.
• Follow all awards program-related instructions.

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Please list the last six productions you attended. Online or in-person performances are acceptable. (include theatre company) *
Please write a brief evaluation (150-200 words) of one of the productions listed above, being sure to note both aesthetic and technical aspects of the production. (Media voters can link to a past review.) *
If accepted as a voter, please list any organizations you feel you should not be assigned to adjudicate due to conflict of interest and the reason why. *
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