We want vobot to be your go-to app for German vocabulary learning. Please help us better understand your needs so that we can keep making vobot even better.
    A version optimized for iPad
    An online version (so I can search and practice vocabulary in a browser on my computer)
    Ability to create custom word lists and share them online (i.e. for a teacher who wants students to a study a certain list of words)
    Ability to monitor what and how well students are doing (i.e. for teachers)
    Pronunciation guide or audio samples
    Android version
    Ability to write words in with my finger
    Ability to scan words I see, e.g. on a sign or in a book, using OTR (optical text recognition)
    An online resource with custom wordlists created by users that I can install
    Ability to print out vocabulary lists in different formats (e.g. letter, A4, book mark, credit card size) using an online tool
    Introducing spaced repetition (you would not be able to do all exercises of a word in one day, but over the course of several days to help you commit it to long term memory)
    Pictures to go with the vocabulary
    Ability to change colors, fonts and font size
    List of conjugations for each verb
    List of all forms of a noun (in all four cases, singular and plural)
    Ability to look up abbreviations
    Grammar exercises
    Ability to relearn words that I have successfully practiced and are now in my mastered list
    A search function to more easily browse my active learning list
    A visual display of my learning statistics
    Vocabulary tips & tricks online (e.g. most commonly practiced words, most difficult words for users, etc.)
    Possibility to add my own words
    Possibility to add my own sample sentences
    Lower price for a smaller amount of words (vobot currently contains over 30,000 unique definitions)
    Since the vobot logo is a bee, when I successfully complete an exercise, I want honeycombs to fill up instead of green boxes
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