2018 HHYC Crew Finder Registration Form
Do you want to sail or race, but don’t own a boat? 你是否想參與航海或競賽,卻沒有自己的船隻?

Are you interested in joining a sailing / racing boat as crew onboard a skippers yacht?

Sign up here and we will help get you sailing

If you would like to share more details with us than on the following form please contact us by email on sailing@hhyc.org.hk or call +862 2719 0926.
如需與我們分享更多相關信息,請電郵予sailing@hhyc.org.hk或致電 2719 0926.

The Crew Finder and Crew Wanted lists will be updated on an ad hoc basis and posted up on the Club Official Website Page “Yacht Racing - Yacht Racing Events” and “Sail Training Centre - Crew Finder & Crew Wanted”. Please maintain your attention! 尋找船隻及船員名單將不定期於會所官網頁面”Yacht Racing - Yacht Racing Events”以及“Sail Training Centre - Crew Finder & Crew Wanted”更新,敬請關注!

We will keep you posted for around 1 year, but please feel free to let us know if there is any update!

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Contact Information
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I agree on the collection and use of my personal information for HHYC Crew Finder/Crew Wanted purpose. 我同意收集及使用我的個人信息作白沙灣遊艇會尋找船隻或尋找船員用途。 *
Sailing Information
Sailing experiences you are interested to join 你有意參與的航海方式:
How experienced are you at sailing 你的航海經驗:
What sailing related qualifications have you got 你已擁有的資質:
What boat classes are you keen to join 你有意加入的船隻類別:
Do you have any other information regarding your sailing experience and qualifications you would like to share with us (if applicable) 關於你的航海經驗及資質的補充信息 (如有):
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Availability & Events
When are you available to sail 你的航海檔期:
Certain Period(s) 特定時期:
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Certain Race(s) 特定比賽日:
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What Club Sailing Event(s) are you keen to join 你有意參與的會所賽事:
Do you have any suggestions or feedback you to help us improve our crew finder work 你有意與我們分享的建議或反饋, 以便我們將來進一步協助尋找合適的船隊或船隻:
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Besides the offshore sailing activities, would you like to get involved in club other sailing programs, such as the race management volunteers, sailing seminars, etc.? 除了離岸的航海活動外,你是否有意參與會所舉辦的其他帆船及航海項目,例如賽事志願者,帆船講座等?
Club Information
Club Affiliation (if applicable) 屬會相關信息(如有):
Membership No. (if applicable) 會員編號(如有):
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