Online learning: how is it for you?

The survey is part of a UK-wide study funded by Jisc. It is taking place during #OLsuccess, 4-10 July 2016, a week of exploring how learners feel about online learning and what makes them successful.

The survey will take you NO MORE THAN TEN MINUTES to complete. It has three short sections.

What we find out will be used to help online learning providers across the UK understand their learners' experiences and needs. We will do this by writing reports, giving presentations, and presenting data. The survey is completely anonymous. We won't collect any contact details from you, and we will never try to contact you about it.

In the survey we use 'online learning' to mean:
- learning you do with online materials such as web sites, e-books and journal articles, videos, quizzes, educational games, online tutorials, lecture notes and other kinds of educational content
- learning you do with other people online such as through webinars, discussion forums, collaborative learning spaces, video lectures and tutorials, MOOCs

We really need your input to make this work! Click continue to start the survey - and thank you for your time.