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Want to spread the word on the latest scientific advancement? Here you can submit an article proposal on practically any science-related topic that interests you for publication in our Fall 2017 issue. The deadline for submitting a proposal for consideration is SATURDAY, OCTOBER 8TH at midnight. Please submit this application by then for special consideration!

PLEASE NOTE: If your article proposal is approved for publication in CSR's Fall 2017 issue, the first draft of your article will be due by Saturday, October 29th at midnight to If selected, this is to provide you with plenty of time to create a first draft of your article.

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We would like to get to know your writing style prior to accepting your article proposal. Please send us a sample of your writing (from an academic essay or an article you have written for a journal or newspaper in the past) to with email title "[Article Proposal]" followed by your full name. If you have a beginning draft available of your potential article submission to CSR, you are welcome to submit that instead!

Please keep in mind that we are looking for clear, coherent, and creative articles that present a scientific concept or advent to the general public in an understandable, jargon-free manner. We also highly favor articles that highlight connections between seemingly irrelevant scientific ideas to everyday life. For examples of articles we've accepted in the past, please visit our website under the "Publications" tab:

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