Chromebook Acceptable Use Policy
Gobles Public Schools recognizes that not all families have an electronic device that their child/children can use for supplemental learning during the State mandated school closure. By completing this form you are asking Gobles to issue your 6th - 8th-grade student a Chromebook during the school closure. You are also agreeing to terms regarding your child's appropriate use of this technology as well as fees that could be associated with any damages that may occur while in your child's possession.
I agree that I am the parent/guardian of a Gobles student who is in need of an electronic device in order to use supplementary resources for online learning during the mandated school closure. *
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Acceptable Use and Terms
We are excited to provide our 6th - 8th grade students a Chromebook for use at home during the mandated school closure. We ask that parents/guardians provide oversight and guidance in order to ensure proper use and care of the device.


This agreement covers access to and use of electronic devices (personal or otherwise), computer-based technologies, and Internet services.

Gobles Public School (GPS) offers student accounts to access the Educational Network. This document contains the terms and conditions of use that a student agrees to follow when using technology provided by Gobles Public School. “Student” is defined as any individual attending any educational institution served by GPS.

Purpose and Acceptable Use
• Use of any student account must be in support of education and research, and consistent with the educational objectives of GPS. The Superintendent of GPS and his designees, may at any time make determinations that particular uses are or are not consistent with the purpose of GPS.
• The term “educational purpose” is the guiding factor for all activities and includes classroom activities, career development, and limited, high-quality, self-discovery activities.
• GPS retains the right to place reasonable restrictions on the material users access or post through the use of technology. In accordance with the Children’s Internet Protection Act, GPS has implemented Internet filtering software to help deter access to “non-educational” websites. In addition, users are expected to abide by the rules set forth by GPS and all applicable Federal and State laws.
• This policy places restrictions on accessing inappropriate material. However, there is a wide range of material available on the Internet, which may not be appropriate for students. It is not practical or possible for GPS to monitor and enforce the wide range of social values represented on the Internet. GPS recognizes that parents bear primary responsibility in specifying to their child(ren) what is not acceptable for their child(ren) to access through GPS technology.
• Access to GPS Technology is a privilege and not a right. Users must be considerate to other users.
• The district will provide each student with a login ID and password for accessing the networks. The student will protect the password, provide for its security and will not share this information with other students.

Unacceptable Use
Using the guiding statement of “educational purpose”, some specific examples of prohibited use are shown below. However, this policy does not attempt to demonstrate all behaviors. Behaviors that are considered unacceptable may result in termination of Internet access and/or the general use of technology as provided by the GPS. Depending upon the severity of a user’s inappropriate action(s), disciplinary action of up to and including student expulsion may occur as decided by GPS. The following examples are considered unacceptable:

• Users will not provide or purchase products or services through GPS technology.
• Use of obscene, profane, lewd, abusive, threatening, discriminatory, harassing, or bullying language is prohibited.
• GPS prohibits access to or posting of material that is pornographic, advocates illegal acts, purchasing of drugs, violence related or discrimination towards other people (hate literature). For student users, a special exception may be made for hate literature if the purpose of such access is to conduct research and the monitoring teacher approves access.
• Users who can identify a security problem on the GPS Technology Systems must notify GPS Teacher or Administrator and not demonstrate the problem to other users.

• Plagiarism and copyright infringement is prohibited. Users shall not take ideas or writings of others and present them as if they were their own. Respect the rights of copyright holders.

• GPS highly encourages users not to transmit personal information about himself/herself or others, such as their: name, address, phone number, or school address. For personal safety, users should not arrange to meet anyone contacted over the Internet in person.
• Unauthorized access to GPS Technology Systems or any other computer system through or going beyond intended authorized access is prohibited. Users shall not access another person’s material, information or files without permission.
• Users agree not to intentionally attempt to disrupt GPS Technology Systems or destroy data accessible through GPS systems by spreading computer viruses or by any other means.

Using a Device Outside of School
The student device is Wi-Fi ready and will connect to any Wi-Fi network, whether at home, school, or inside a business or public network. All Internet traffic, regardless of where the device is connected, will be filtered through the District’s Internet filter. If a student attempts to ‘by-pass’ this function, their technology privileges will be suspended, asked to forfeit their device to Administration, and/or disciplinary action.

Repairing or Replacing a Device
All repairs and replacements must be arranged through Gobles Public Schools. If your device is lost, damaged, or having technical issues, please contact our technology support team. To contact the technology team please email: User will be responsible for any damaged or broken devices.

The following chart represents the replacement costs for lost or damaged devices:

Repair/Replacement Cost:
Total Device Replacement- $195
Screen- $50
Keyboard- $65
Touchpad- $30
Power Charger/Cable- $15

• GPS makes no warranties or assurances of any kind, whether expressed or implied that the functions or services provided by or through GPS will be error-free or without defect. GPS will not be responsible for any damage users may suffer, including, but not limited to, loss of data resulting from delays, non-deliveries, missed-deliveries or service interruptions caused by GPS negligence, user error or omission. GPS does not guarantee and is in no way responsible for the accuracy or quality of information obtained through or stored on the GPS Technology System. Use of any information obtained is at the user’s own risk. GPS shall not be responsible for any financial obligations arising from the user’s unauthorized use.
• GPS will not be responsible for any financial obligations arising from the user’s use of GPS Technology Services to purchase personal product(s) or service(s).
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