Island wide Survey on Internet Speed & Usage
1. General Information
1.1 Age of the user
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1.2 Gender
1.3 What is your occupation?
1.4 Internet usage Time?
1.5 What are the purposes of using internet?
2. Test your Internet speed
2.1 Geographical Location Details
2.1.1 City
Your answer
2.1.2 District
2.2 URL for Internet Speed Test (For mobile devices)
For Android mobile devices -
Other mobile devices (speed to be tested via web browsing) -
2.3 URL for Internet Speed Test (For Desktop & Laptop)
Speed to be tested via web browsing -
2.4 Internet Speed Test Results
2.4.1 Date
2.4.2 Time
2.4.3 Tested File Size
2.4.4 Speed received by the test
Your answer
2.4.5 Server Location
2.4.6 Geographical Coordinates (Please use Google Maps if you do not have a GPS Device)
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3. Internet Speed Testing Scenario
To fill the Task No. 3.1 below, .please go through the following diagram (Layer 1/Layer 2/ Layer 3) and select your combination of the scenario that you have used to check the internet speed
Examples of some of the possible scenarios you will be using to access internet
3.1 Please provide the scenario that you have chosen to obtain the results mentioned in Task No.02 above
3.1.1 Layer 1
3.1.2 Layer 2
3.1.3 Layer 3
4.Details of the Internet/Broadband Package used to test the internet speed
4.1 Service Provider
4.2 Type of Connection
4.3 Name of the Internet/Broadband Package
Your answer
4.3.1 Type of the package
4.4 Monthly Rental
Your answer
4.5 Facilities Incurred for the package
4.6 Allocated Monthly Quota
4.6.1 All Day
Your answer
4.6.2 Day Time
Your answer
4.6.3 Night Time
Your answer
4.7 How long does the Quota last
4.7.1 All Day Quota
Your answer
4.7.2 Day Time
Your answer
4.7.3 Night Time
Your answer
5. Problems Encountered in carrying out Internet Speed Test
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6. Suggestions to overcome the problems in carrying out Internet Speed Test
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7. Please provide following information if you require service improvement
7.1 Name
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7.2 Address
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7.3 Contact Number
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7.4 Email
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Thank you for your time
If you are a user with different scenario mentioned in Task No.02 , please use another form to submit data.
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