Island wide Survey on Internet Speed & Usage
1. General Information
1.1 Age of the user
Your answer
1.2 Gender
1.3 What is your occupation?
1.4 Internet usage Time?
1.5 What are the purposes of using internet?
2. Test your Internet speed
2.1 Geographical Location Details
2.1.1 City
Your answer
2.1.2 District
2.2 URL for Internet Speed Test (For mobile devices)
For Android mobile devices -
Other mobile devices (speed to be tested via web browsing) -
2.3 URL for Internet Speed Test (For Desktop & Laptop)
Speed to be tested via web browsing -
2.4 Internet Speed Test Results
2.4.1 Date
2.4.2 Time
2.4.3 Tested File Size
2.4.4 Speed received by the test
Your answer
2.4.5 Server Location
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