SAAG Spring Market - 2019
Hi there!

The Southern Alberta Art Gallery is hosting its first Spring Market on April 26th (4-9 PM) and April 27th (10 AM - 5 PM).
This market hosts an array of Albertan vendors selling vintage, art, artisan and ethical goods.

A space at the market costs $50 for each vendor, which includes a 6-foot-long table, two chairs, the space for the two days, and promotion on social media.

*Indigenous inspired or related traditional works and crafts will only be accepted if the artisan identifies as indigenous.

If accepted, we will send you a confirmation email with regarding payment, set up, and any other info you may need.

Please let us know by filling out this application if you would like to be a vendor by February 28th, 2019. If you could let us now if you are interested as soon as possible, however, that would be much appreciated! We have limited spots so the sooner you submit the better! Late applications will not be considered.

If accepted, you will be contacted by March 2, 2019.

Thank you so much for applying!

Contact if you have any further questions.

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