Rise Together Walton MS Pre-Film Survey
Walton Middle School students who are part of the Rise Together program will work with Mountaintop Montessori Middle School students on March 1. Together we will watch a movie about race and racism. Before watching, "I'm Not Racist...Am I?", we would like to better understand your feelings and experiences about race relations at school, home and in the community. Please be honest so we can best know how you are feeling about this topic.
What race do you most identify with? *
Do you have friends from different races? *
How comfortable are you when talking about race? *
How do you define racism? *
How, if at all, has your life been impacted by racism? *
Does your race affect your life at school? *
Do you know how to identify and address racism at school, home and in the community? *
If so, how?
What can Rise Together do to help you better understand and manage race related concerns and racism? *
Is there anything your school can do to encourage positive relationships between races? If yes, then please let us know your thoughts and ideas. *
What can you do to encourage positive relationships between races at school, home or in the community? *
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