Start of Year Unit Financial Check-In:
President or Treasurer of each unit should complete this form together to the best of their unit's ability:
Name and position of person completing form: *
Unit *
How many money does your PTA earn annually (approximately): *
Our treasurer has received the following records from the outgoing treasurer: (check all that apply) *
If not, please explain why...
My unit has access to the following: (check all that apply) *
My unit uses the following system for accounting: *
My unit has updated Minutes for last year, including for our election: *
Status of Unit's End-Year Annual Financial Statement for 2019-2020: *
Auditor Status: *
Status of Unit's 2019-2020 End-Year Audit: *
Status of Unit's 2019-2020 Tax Filings: *
Status of Unit's 2020-2021 Annual Budget: *
I have read a copy of my unit's current bylaws: *
A copy of the Unit's bylaws have been provided to all Board Members: *
Board Members have received conflict/whistle blower forms to complete: *
Our unit has a list of current membership: *
Other problems/issues/concerns/questions Council should know about this unit...
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