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Students, please write a essay on your main reasons for applying to Santiam Christian.  (Recommend doing this in Word or comparable program and then copying and pasting into the below box)
7th - 8th grade applicants please write a 100-200 word essay.
9th-12th grades write 200-300 words,
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What is your definition of a Christian? *
Are you a Christian?
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If so, when and how did you become a Christian?
How often do you go to church? *
Are the friends you spend time with Christians? *
Are most of your friends your age? *
What are some of your interests or favorite things to do? *
Have you won any special prizes or awards in school? *
If so, what?
Have you held any positions of leadership in any clubs or at school? *
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What are some of your favorite subjects in school? *
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Have you ever been expelled from school? *
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Have you ever used tobacco? *
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I realize that Santiam Christian is a Bible-based school. With that knowledge and with my present understanding, I make the following commitment:
In School I will...
1) Respect all God-established authority, especially teachers and staff members of the school.

2) Obey all school regulations with a sincere desire to cooperate and not with mere outward formality.

3) Diligently do the assigned school work to the best of my ability. Assignments will be turned in with promptness and care.
Outside School I will...
1) Live a Christian life to the best of my ability.

2) Not use tobacco, alcohol, or illegal drugs.

3) Avoid worldly misuses of the boy-girl relationship.

By my signature below, I certify that I have answered the above questions honestly and completely. I further realize that attendance at Santiam Christian is a privilege and I will do my best to obey all school rules and policies. I understand that failure to keep these commitments may result in exclusion from Santiam Christian.
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 Are you interested in becoming a class or student body officer?
If your answer is yes, please list those experiences you have had in this area.
Are you interested in being a part of the S.C. Drama program (on stage or off stage)?
If your answer is yes, please list your theatrical experience.
Are you interested in vocal music?
If your answer is yes, what part do you sing?
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Are you interested in instrumental music?
If your answer is yes, what instrument do you play?
Are you interested in being a part of the photo/journalism program at S.C.?
If your answer is yes, what experiences have you had in this area?
Are you interested in participating in sports at Santiam Christian?
If your answer is yes, please check all those areas that apply. I am interested in trying out for the following teams:
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