Barkade: Halloween 2021 Dealers' Den application
Thank you for registering your interest in the Dealers' Den for our Halloween event on Saturday 30th October 2021!

General info and rules:

- You must comply with entry requirements, which you can find in our COVID Safety Management Plan
- You must purchase an entry ticket (£20).
- Tables are limited and there is a £5 surplus on top of the entry ticket.
- The main event runs from 6-11pm, but you may arrive from 5.30pm to set up, and begin take down from 10.30pm.
- Power supply is limited.
- Tables and chairs will be supplied. One exhibitor per table.
- NSFW artwork is allowed within reason but must be kept in folders and not on full display.

Please note this is a curated Dealers' Den, and we aim to ensure that there is a good mix of products that best reflects the demographics and atmosphere of the venue and event, and helps maximise potential sales. If your application is successful, we will let you know and then invoice you for the £5 surplus.
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