Zendesk Explore - Sharing outside Zendesk EAP
We're launching an Early Access Program (EAP) that will enable customers to share live dashboards with individuals who do not have a Zendesk seat. Please use this form to enroll in this EAP.
What are the key benefits of this EAP?
If your instance is selected to join the EAP, you will be able to create links to live dashboards and share them with individuals who do not have access to Zendesk. These links can also be used to broadcast dashboards to a live monitor in your office, allowing all your team members to monitor volume and performance.

The EAP will also include the following features:
- You can create links and decide whether they should be public or require password protection
- You will be able to edit the URL (aka slug) as you see fit
- Interactivity options are disabled and IP restrictions configured in Zendesk are enforced in order to keep your data secure
Who is the EAP available to?
In order to be able to enroll in this EAP, you must have an active Explore Professional or Legacy subscription.

Note: This EAP will eventually become a paid Explore feature. EAP users will need to upgrade their subscription to continue using this functionality when it becomes generally available. We will provide additional packaging details closer to general availability.
What is expected of me?
By joining this EAP, we would appreciate if you could
- Report any bugs or challenges when sharing dashboards outside Zendesk
- Make suggestions for how to improve the feature, as needed
- Answer any question we may have on your use of that feature
Ready to take part?
All you have to do is fill in some information and you're ready to go!
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