That's My Bix! Holiday Card Exchange 2017
Hey there,

Interested in partaking in the annual That's My Bix! Holiday Card Exchange? Awesome, I hoped you'd say yes. No surprises! As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to shoot me an email through my weetabix at gmail address.

How many cards do I have to send?

Depends on your choice and how many people sign up for the exchange. If we have more than 40 participants (which we probably do) then I split the exchange into two separate but equal exchanges. When you fill out the info form, you get a choice of No More Than 40 Cards or All The Cards. If you pick No More Than 40 Cards, your name will be on one list only, and you’ll send to the people on your own list (and they to you). If you pick All The Cards, then I’ll send you everyone’s name and you send to everyone (and they to you). Obviously, if you looked at both lists, you’d see that the people who pick “All The Cards” are on both of them. I hope that doesn’t sound confusing: it’s really not, but I fear that I’m making a botch of explaining it. Anyway, I do all of this business behind the scenes, all you have to do is decide do you want to send/receive 40 or fewer cards OR more than 40 but fewer than 80 cards. (Even if we only have, say, 42 people sign up, it will still be split into two separate exchanges, so the number of cards you actually end up sending will depend on how many people sign up -- however I can guarantee it won't be more than 40.)

But… I don’t actually know you or the other people in the exchange. Is that weird to send a holiday card to someone I don’t know?

That’s ok! The Holiday Card Exchange isn’t about knowing the people in the exchange, it’s just about making the holidays brighter and putting a personal touch to a cold, hard internet.

What do you write in a card you’re sending to a stranger?

How about “Happy Holidays” followed by your name? Or a message of hope for the new year? Or a riddle? Up to you.

Do I have to make the cards?

No! You don’t have to make cards at all! Some people choose to do this, but if you aren’t so much with the glue stick and just like getting the holiday booty, then feel free to print labels and use mass-market cards, whatever works for you.

Can I send holiday postcards?

Absolutely! That’s a very green and economical solution!

Can I send e-cards?

While e-cards are super fun too -- we're looking for physical mail here. Don't deprive us of non-bill paper mail!

I don’t do Christmas but I like getting and cards. Is that kosher (ha! See what I did there)?

Absolutely. Send whatever kind of card you wish. If you’re a Christmas-y type, send a Christmas card. If you’re all about the Hanukkah, hit us with some dreidel goodness. If you are a Happy New Year! kind of person, let’s see that baby in the top hat. You get the picture. This is low stress, so whatever makes you happy will make dozens of people smile!

What if I’m going to be busy before Dec 25?

Then send them after Dec 25. This is LOW STRESS, guys. I personally try to get mine out before Dec 25 and I would say 95% of all participants do too, but that doesn’t mean that you have to toe the line. Again, it’s a holiday exchange: we’re not going to get paranoid about rules and will give everyone the benefit of the doubt. Some people send out Happy New Year cards and that's totally okay.

What if I live somewhere that is not the United States? I like cards too!

Hey! I don’t discriminate. Sign up! We love pretty stamps, and of course, it might take a little longer for you to get your cards (and for us to get yours).

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