The Youth Advocacy Council Application
2021-2022 cohort application deadline: August 27th
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What is YAC?
Healthy Futures of Texas is a San Antonio based non-partisan non-profit working to reduce teen and unplanned pregnancy by providing health education to parents and young people. The Youth Advocacy Council (YAC), a project of Healthy Futures, empowers San Antonio area teens to become leaders of the sexual health movement and policy change by educating, training, and providing a platform for them to use their voice.
Why Advocacy?
To advocate is to support a cause - the Youth Advocacy Council supports sexual health education and access to preventive healthcare for all. Teens are stakeholders in these issues because education and healthcare have a direct effect on teen health and livelihood. Due to this, YAC works to:
- Bring awareness to challenges regarding teen sexual health
- Gain support for medically accurate information and science-based approaches to sex ed
- Increase access to teen-friendly healthcare
- Share information and power with other young people
Eligibility Criteria:
In order to become a council member, one must:
- Be enrolled in high school, GED program, technical school, or homeschool grades 9-12
- Complete the YAC application
- Turn in the parent permission slip
- Complete an in-person interview
- Be willing and able to commit to at least 60% of the general meetings
(meetings are roughly every 2 weeks from August-May totaling 10 meetings per semester)
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