Wait List
This is the waitlist for Jade Martial Arts Academy!

I will put someone on a waitlist for two different reasons
- If there is absolutely no space for the student at the time.
- We have introduces to many new students for that month.

How does going on the wait list work?
- When we have a steady enough class to add another student or a student drops out we will contact the first person on the list for said class.

We would love to except everyone who wants to join the team, but having overcrowded classes or to many new students can slow the class down and water down the lessons we want to teach. Something we are currently trying to do is get more consistent assistants, that way we can increase the student number!
Little Dragons
1) Ashlee Druffel (1 Student)
1) Jessica Harriot (1 Student)
2) Paige Perkins (1 Student)
3) Jessica Cheney (1 Student)
4) Jessica Antosh (2 students)
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