Soda Cap Connector Survey
The COMET wants your help. Please provide us with your feedback to let us know how can we make the Soda Cap better.
Tell us about your use of the SCC
If you have ridden the SCC even once which of the following describes how you became a rider:
If you have not tried the SCC could you tell us why?
Your answer
What are the most important hours of the day this service should be provided? Please choose 4.
What are the most important days of the week this service should be provided? Please choose 5.
How well do you understand how to ride the Soda Cap?
Do not understand.
I know how.
The Soda Cap is a pilot and can be changed. Please select the most important destinations you think the SCC should serve. Limit 5.
Whether you ride the Soda Cap or not, what value do you think this type of downtown circulator bus service has to the community?
Total waste of time and money.
It's about time! More is needed.
Would you recommend the Soda Cap to a friend living in Columbia or visiting the area?
If not "yes," why not?
Your answer
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