DO I NEED SUPPORT? Try the anonymous IBA Centre for Excellence in Journalism Well-being checklist for journalists
Here is a quick and simple checklist to help you assess how you are generally doing and feeling, and if you are struggling in any way. If you find that you are agreeing with some or many of these statements, you may want to seek help and get the support you may need to deal with issues better and to live a happier, healthier life.
PLEASE NOTE: Most people will tick a lot of boxes, which is quite usual. BUT if you feel these symptoms or signs are affecting your quality of life, then you could consider seeking help.  
In order to make an appointment please email, call or message our coordinator Quratul Ain Ali.
Cell: +92 349 200 2567 (message or call)
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I often feel exhausted and unwell (dizzy, nauseous, stomach/digestion issues, etc), even early in the week, without a medical reason. *
I have appetite issues *
I frequently have muscle, joint, headache or chest pain. *
I'm finding it hard to maintain a reasonable weight (without a medical reason) *
I'm having sleep issues *
I frequently feel upset or feeling like crying a lot of the time. *
I feel scared anxious, worried or scared often or a lot of the time *
I often feel tense and stressed at work or at home. *
I feel angry often or a lot *
I get easily irritated and or am in a bad mood a lot *
I feel I don't laugh or have fun like other people *
I feel sad often or a lot *
I don’t feel motivated enough or at all *
I have lost interest in things I used to enjoy *
I feel empty *
I keep my feelings bottled up inside. *
My mood changes very frequently *
I spend a lot of time thinking about and complaining about the past. *
I feel like I am never good enough. *
I often feel I can't handle everything I have to do. *
I feel like I have little or no control over my life. *
I have thought about (or tried) hurting myself. *
Life often seems too hard *
I’m using substances to relax and feel good (alcohol, sleeping pills, drugs, etc.) *
I find it difficult to relax. *
I lack confidence in myself and the work that I do. *
I frequently worry about work even when I'm not at work *
I have difficulty concentrating. *
I find it difficult to make decisions. *
I feel I am disorganised. *
I find it difficult to start tasks. *
I find it difficult to remember things. *
I am finding tasks that used to be easy more difficult now. *
I cannot produce my work the way I used to. *
I often don’t feel good about my relationships. *
I often feel guilty about letting my family, team or friends down. *
I often lose my temper with people *
I tend to see the negative and things and people more than the positive *
I don't feel valued by the people around me, at home or at work. *
I'm finding it hard to rely on people around me, at home or at work. *
I often do or say things in anger or frustration that I wish I could take back. *
I seem to take things more seriously than others. *
I don’t like being alone at all, even for a little while *
I feel I give more to relationships than I get. *
I feel I am too dependent on people and ask for support too often. *
I'm afraid that others will realise my work is not good enough. *
I don’t like being around people much. *
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