Catapult Launch - What is Important to You
This form has been created in order to take a pulse from the NEM Community on which features are most important to you when considering the Public Launch of Catapult. Planning and decisions are well underway with the Migration Committee of the Core Developers, NEM Foundation, NEM Studios and NEM Ventures.

This information will be used to help us inform which specific features are most important to ensure Catapult Launch is a success in your eyes, no personal information is recorded to published by us, a summary of the results will be available. It may be worth ensuring you have read and understood the announcement below before completing this:

As a general guide
- 'Very Important' is akin to must have for day 1
- 'Moderately important' is must have but not for day 1,
- 'Unimportant' is a nice to have
- 'Don't Know/Care' is if you aren't bothered
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