Beloved 2020 Update: Transfer Your Ticket to 2021 or 2022
Thank you for your willingness to be flexible and your commitment to our re-emergence.

Interested in GIFTING your 2020 ticket to support Beloved during these challenging times? Fill out form here:

Please accurately fill out the info below, so we can match your transfer to your purchase order. Thank you again for selecting this option, and please note your selection cannot be changed.
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By selecting a ticket transfer to Beloved 2021 or Beloved 2022, your exact order will be transferred to the future event regardless of future event pricing. All Payment Plan purchases through Brightstar with outstanding payments will owe the initially agreed balance before redemption of their ticket is valid. Remaining payments will be arranged in the event year of your choosing. Details of these required payments will be provided within 5 months of the 2021 or 2022 event date. New credit card information will be requested prior to any charges being made. Beloved ecoShuttle ticket holders will have the flexibility to choose any bus timing from their original chosen city. All future transfers will require an additional registration that all purchasers will need to complete in order for their ticket to be processed. Unique ticket links will be sent out 5 months before the event. If you change your email address prior to receiving the link, please notify us immediately by emailing By selecting "I agree" below and submitting the form, you are acknowledging you have fully read, understand, and agree to the Disclaimer (listed below) and the Terms & Conditions as presented, that you are of legal age to consent to this agreement, and are choosing this option in exchange for a release of claim against Beloved Presents, LLC. and its employees arising from your purchase of a ticket to Beloved Emergence 2020 and the cancellation of the event. *** DISCLAIMER *** Due to the nature of the situation, please note your selection is final, non-transferable, and cannot be changed. For ticket purchasers who do not respond with one of the options provided by JUNE 8, 2020, the credit of your ticket purchase will be gifted to Beloved.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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