SisterLove, Inc. Wants To Hear Your Birth Control Story
Since taking office, the Trump administration has worked at every turn to attack women's health—and we need your help to fight back.

In 2018, Trump introduced two new rules that allow any employer, university, or health insurance company to opt out of covering birth control without out-of-pocket costs. Even though two different federal courts have blocked these rules for now, many employers, universities, and insurance companies are still choosing not to cover birth control, leaving people who need birth control on their own to find and afford it.

We want to fight back against these rollbacks on women's equality by showing just how important birth control is to people who need it most:

If you have had problems getting birth control covered by your insurance, share your story with us today!

*We understand the sensitive nature of these experiences and the courage it takes to speak out. Any submission you give to us will be confidential unless you give us permission to share your story. Someone from SisterLove, Inc. will follow-up with you after you submit your response. For any questions please contact Sequoia Ayala,

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