Debony Salon Survey 2018
** Our ranking system consists of 1 being poor, 5 being excellent.**

As Debony Salon makes its way into renovations, we would love to hear from you! We want to know what is most important to you when it comes to your time at Debony Salon. If the questions do not address what is most important to you, we encourage you to share in the comments. Your opinion and your time is gold, so thank you in advance. Moving forward, it’s the most valuable thing a business has, it’s customer.
How easy is it for you to get the appointment you want at Debony Salon?
Do you feel your needs are met during your visit at Debony Salon?
Does the customer service at Debony Salon meet or exceed your expectations?
How interested are you in receiving "Medi-Spa" services such as: Botox, Teeth Whitening, Coolsculpting, Laser, and other services of this nature?
Would you be interested in a paid monthly membership for discounts and specials?
Please rank the importance of each discount.
Loyalty Points for Purchase
Membership Points
Shared Family and Friends Points
Do you purchase retail at Debony Salon?
If you don't purchase retail, what stops you?
If you have nail services at Debony Salon, how pleased are you with the quality of the service?
If you have nail services at Debony Salon, do you feel they are a good value?
Please feel free to share any comments and suggestions.
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