Report An Absence (Mandatory Training)
The purpose of this form is to advise our logistics/admin team that you will be absent for a mandatory training event or a parade night. As long as your reason for absence is valid, you will be excused from the event.

Do not use this form to report absences for team events (i.e. range team, drill team, band), For Non-Mandatory events, please email the event OPI directly and use this form if you are unable to determine who the OPI or senior cadet is.

If you have signed up for an event and are no longer able to attend, or would like the information you submitted to be changed in any way, please send an email to the address listed on "have I signed up?" page.

In order to be excused from a mandatory training event, this form must be submitted this form must be submitted in advance. There may be exceptions allowed in extraordinary circumstances.
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For example: "too sick to attend" or "conflicts with a previously scheduled family event". Please be as detailed as possible!
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